Episode 00 - The Beginnings Of A Whimsical Journey

Welcome, Misfitians to the first ever in-depth course where you get to follow along in my shoes from start to finish as I complete this very favorited poppy illustration. In this video, I simple introduce myself and talk about what modern watercolor looks like for me. Enjoy this exclusive preview to the course!



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Thanks Again and Enjoy the Course!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I'm a newbie - how easy will this be?
Answer: Yes! Newbies are welcome. You will need to be able to do flat washes and gradients however and you can watch these videos for free on my 30 Tips Beginner Series on Youtube. Please see the "Extra Resources" section for that link.

Question: Where is the supply list? Where is the downloadable template?
Answer: While I know you are excited to download these right away, please make sure to watch the videos from Episode 00 to Episode 01 and on. Do not, I repeat - skip around as they build upon each other and will eventually show you where to get everything you need. I designed this course for your success, but you need to follow the videos in order.

Question: Can I watch the course on my iPad or Android Tablet?
Answer: Yes! In the course under "Extra resources section", my husband (the more tech-y one) made a video demonstrating how to view the course with your IPAD or Android Tablet. He walks you through step by step to make it as easy as possible.

I'd love to get to know each and everyone of you, so please take the time to introduce yourself and what's your favorite woodland creature?(if you have questions on the course, please post comments to their respective videos)

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